Laura Vince
(  2017-05-04 22:04:30
Simmons sds1 schematics

(  2017-03-29 01:47:05
eBay Listing Number for SDX Brain: 252833320804

Happy Bidding !

Ben Gibson
(  2017-03-23 07:11:14
Absolutely love your site. Thank you for putting so much work into it. I have
wanted an SDS 9 so bad since the mid 80s. I carried it's brochures around with
me for years. So glad to see some of them on your site, as I have since lost
mine. I also got to play the SDX when it came out, played on it in the Midi Drum
Center, a small electronic drum store in downtown Hollywood. I was 14 yrs old,
and I distinctly remember the kit was for sale for $10,000. I have home video
of it; boy was I shy. :)

(  2017-03-10 05:51:08
I got a working SDX Brain for sale anyone? (canada)

(  2017-02-17 06:59:01
In desperate need of SDX service manual. I am sooo close to getting mine running
! Please help if you can ..

(  2017-01-29 01:33:50
I finally got a Simmons SDS 8 I'm looking to restore it. Do you know where I can
get the K85 rotary knobs in the US? Do you have tips on cleaning the SDS 8?

James Wilson
(  2016-09-28 04:57:44
Love the site! I recently acquired an sds8 kit. It is missing the bass drum
spurs. I would love to be able to find a pair. I would even take a schematic to
in order to have a set of spurs made. Cheers!

(  2016-08-02 15:31:53
Hi I have a 7 piece Simmons kit in red sd7 also 3tama hex pads on pearl rack,
running kit thru a ales is d4 brain, all leads included, not sure what it's
worth , any ideas plz.

Martin Rattmann
(  2016-07-22 19:42:09
Hi there, a small but important update to the famous users: Thomas Dolby on
Golden Age Of Wireless....perfect album, SDS V at itˋs best, esp. on "one
of uur submarines" and "flying north"...along with some beautiful moogs, ppgs,
rolands and solina strings...hauntingly beautiful! great site, thank you,
cheers, have a nice day, martin.

(  2016-07-01 13:50:43
SDX HELP >> Does anyone have wiring specs/diagram for the main power board or
any tech docs ? Need to bring my SDX back to life.