(  2018-08-27 22:28:23
I have an SDS V since 1984, but my pads are damaged, I'm looking for a tip to
cover the rubber or other coating pads, for better playability.


2018-05-25 06:02:51 home
Hello Hex friends
Check out my blog about the SDS-7 that belonged to INXS.

Garrett Miller
(  2018-05-09 01:43:39 home
I appreciate the wealth of information you have put together to share. I've
been putting together an SDS8 kit along with a couple SDS1's. Love these
drums/sound. G

Andree Valdivia
(  2018-04-25 20:26:35
Hello! Great page! I need an SDSV kit drum set, please if someone has one
contact me to agree the price!

Thank you!

John Rydholm
(  2018-01-12 02:42:44
This page is awesome. Such a wealth of information on these machines!

Haley Johnson
(  2017-12-18 18:46:23
I have a Simmons SDS V drum kit. Module is fully loaded and has all the
original pads. How much would this electronic drum kit be worth on the market

(  2017-11-19 12:41:57
Cool site. The blogs are great. I have a question and was curious if you might
know the answer considering your knowledge of the brand. I have an SDSV kit I've
been holding onto since about '89. I haven't played them since about '91 but I
love just looking at them, such an incredible icon of the times (and my youth
LOL). The pads are sunburst red/yellow blended. I was told by the seller at
the time that they only produced 50 of those kits. Do you happen to know if
that is accurate?

dawiy waikle
(  2017-10-22 13:10:15 home
-29 01:33:50
I finally got a Simmons SDS 8 I'm

Jeffrey R Moeller
(  2017-09-29 23:33:14 home
Wow great site brings back a lot of great memories for me I started with
Simmons Group Centre USA in 1983 was a very exciting time in my life I will
never forget great products & lifetime friends made.

Christopher Allis
(  2017-06-13 00:53:54 home
I love the site. These drums were such a big part of my psychic landscape
growing up. I recently was gifted a couple of SDS9 era pads (white) that have
yellowed with age. I'm trying to search the web for anything that can be done
to get them back to near show room. Either way they are a blast to play and
take me back.