(totoiv30@orange.fr)  2023-11-24 18:03:12 home

(totoiv30@orange.fr)  2023-11-23 12:51:30 home

Michel Risse
(michel.risse17@gmail.com)  2023-06-01 16:37:37 home

(patrickhcasey@hotmail.com)  2022-05-15 18:02:44
I worked in the drum department for a few years and I have many good memories

(kevinchecket@gmail.com)  2022-04-06 05:22:54 home
Simmons SDS1 Complete Drum Kit - ...thought some of you would enjoy this...

Franck Vaillant
(superbenzine@free.fr)  2022-04-06 02:17:16 home

Hello community! I hope you are all well... I have a small problem: I reassemble
a complete SDSV kit and everything works fine, but as soon as I plug in the HH
pedal it stops the whole rack, and when I unplug it starts again... what do you
Thank you for your help

Michael Dukakis (dukakisgamingrp@hotmail.com)
(dukakisgamingrp@hotmail.com)  2022-03-29 08:22:30 home
I love your website

Robert Carlsson
(powerhouseproduktion@gmail.com)  2022-02-02 13:49:49
My battery its empty and i get a new.

but all factory and sound disepeare...
I now for a couple a year aga i hade a list so i get in manually all sound.
anyone who have one.

Im so thankful i sombody have this list.

reg Robert.

Rand Paul
(randpaul1963@hotmail.com)  2022-01-02 21:59:27 home
Hi there, your site is amazing!

(mike@playatari.com)  2021-10-30 20:58:42
Hi everybody,

I intend to make a replacement SDSV module for all 5 modes. I have reached the
inevitable sticking point - the cymbals and hi-hat modules. I need to lay my
hands on them to see which components are fitted (all PCBs generated from the
same artwork). I also need to get a copy of the eprom. I have the kit to so
this. Can anybody help. Will travel in the UK. Thanks. PS I'll send all info I
get for inclusion on this site.