Lieber Seitenbesucher,
die meisten Seitenbesucher sprechen kein Deutsch, interessieren sich aber trotzdem auch für die Beiträge. Es wäre daher toll, wenn Du Beiträge in englisch verfassen könntest, falls sie inhaltlich von allgemeinem Interesse sind.
Vielen Dank

Michel Risse
(  2023-06-01 16:37:37 home

(  2022-05-15 18:02:44
I worked in the drum department for a few years and I have many good memories

(  2022-04-06 05:22:54 home
Simmons SDS1 Complete Drum Kit - ...thought some of you would enjoy this...

Franck Vaillant
(  2022-04-06 02:17:16 home

Hello community! I hope you are all well... I have a small problem: I reassemble
a complete SDSV kit and everything works fine, but as soon as I plug in the HH
pedal it stops the whole rack, and when I unplug it starts again... what do you
Thank you for your help

Michael Dukakis (
(  2022-03-29 08:22:30 home
I love your website

Robert Carlsson
(  2022-02-02 13:49:49
My battery its empty and i get a new.

but all factory and sound disepeare...
I now for a couple a year aga i hade a list so i get in manually all sound.
anyone who have one.

Im so thankful i sombody have this list.

reg Robert.

Rand Paul
(  2022-01-02 21:59:27 home
Hi there, your site is amazing!

(  2021-10-30 20:58:42
Hi everybody,

I intend to make a replacement SDSV module for all 5 modes. I have reached the
inevitable sticking point - the cymbals and hi-hat modules. I need to lay my
hands on them to see which components are fitted (all PCBs generated from the
same artwork). I also need to get a copy of the eprom. I have the kit to so
this. Can anybody help. Will travel in the UK. Thanks. PS I'll send all info I
get for inclusion on this site.

(  2021-10-30 12:30:40
Hi, I'm wondering if you may be willing to offer some advice on the viability of
restoring an SDS7 which I have just bought. I'm in over my head! Many thanks,

2021-03-28 20:34:46
I also wanted to say what a great website. Brings back lots of memories.
Unfortunately one memory is of dumping an SDS6 and Clap Trap in the wheelie-bin,
back in the days before Ebay!