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Enrico Caimi
(  2018-12-10 23:38:06 home
Please help me! I own two SDSV brains and always lived as if I had two diamonds
in a safe. But now that I was to use them after a long hiatus, I painfully
discovered the square keys - the four ones to chose the sound for each channel -
don't work anymore. My technician is unable to restore them, and has no idea
where to find replacement keys. Any suggestions about what now? Please help a
longtime enthusiastic truly faithful Simmons fan. Thanks in advance.

John Giglio
(  2018-11-20 05:53:00 home
My 13-year-old just inherited a Simmons Silicon Mallet electronic marimba. I
know nothing about them and have to set it up and hopefully diagnose any
problems. Do you have, or do you know anyone who has, the original owner's
manual or instruction manual that I can buy a copy of?
-- John Giglio
1350 Olde Towne Rd.
Alexandria, VA USA 22307

2018-10-31 09:00:21
Acouple of recommendations for the 'hall of fame.'
Robert Sweet of STRYPER and Alex VanHalen!

(  2018-10-28 09:11:06
Hi Everybody!
Sounds list, or voices list of SDE...please?

(  2018-09-30 00:38:30 home
Hi, great site, thanks for your hard work!

Troy Baker
(  2018-09-25 04:22:31
Just got an SDS8!

(  2018-08-27 22:28:23
I have an SDS V since 1984, but my pads are damaged, I'm looking for a tip to
cover the rubber or other coating pads, for better playability.


2018-05-25 06:02:51 home
Hello Hex friends
Check out my blog about the SDS-7 that belonged to INXS.

Garrett Miller
(  2018-05-09 01:43:39 home
I appreciate the wealth of information you have put together to share. I've
been putting together an SDS8 kit along with a couple SDS1's. Love these
drums/sound. G

Andree Valdivia
(  2018-04-25 20:26:35
Hello! Great page! I need an SDSV kit drum set, please if someone has one
contact me to agree the price!

Thank you!