(selureva@gmail.com)  2018-09-30 00:38:30 home
Hi, great site, thanks for your hard work!

Troy Baker
(tbakersapphire12@gmail.com)  2018-09-25 04:22:31
Just got an SDS8!

(marc.barbelenet@free.fr)  2018-08-27 22:28:23
I have an SDS V since 1984, but my pads are damaged, I'm looking for a tip to
cover the rubber or other coating pads, for better playability.


2018-05-25 06:02:51 home
Hello Hex friends
Check out my blog about the SDS-7 that belonged to INXS.

Garrett Miller
(garrett@garrettmillermusic.com)  2018-05-09 01:43:39 home
I appreciate the wealth of information you have put together to share. I've
been putting together an SDS8 kit along with a couple SDS1's. Love these
drums/sound. G

Andree Valdivia
(evo24@hotmail.com)  2018-04-25 20:26:35
Hello! Great page! I need an SDSV kit drum set, please if someone has one
contact me to agree the price!

Thank you!

John Rydholm
(ebondefender@yahoo.com)  2018-01-12 02:42:44
This page is awesome. Such a wealth of information on these machines!

Haley Johnson
(crew38special38@yahoo.com)  2017-12-18 18:46:23
I have a Simmons SDS V drum kit. Module is fully loaded and has all the
original pads. How much would this electronic drum kit be worth on the market

(winterparkrecords@gmail.com)  2017-11-19 12:41:57
Cool site. The blogs are great. I have a question and was curious if you might
know the answer considering your knowledge of the brand. I have an SDSV kit I've
been holding onto since about '89. I haven't played them since about '91 but I
love just looking at them, such an incredible icon of the times (and my youth
LOL). The pads are sunburst red/yellow blended. I was told by the seller at
the time that they only produced 50 of those kits. Do you happen to know if
that is accurate?

dawiy waikle
(dawiy@datum2.com)  2017-10-22 13:10:15 home
-29 01:33:50
I finally got a Simmons SDS 8 I'm