Turtle Trap
multipad midi controller
The Turtle Trap is one of the last Simmons products ever produced in series, built in 1994. It is a multi pad midi controller comprising 10 trigger zones as well as 7 jacks for external pad connection. A HiHat controller can be plugged as well. Each trigger can be assigned to a midi note and these assignments can be organized and stored in up to 60 patches. The Turtle Trap can eather be mounted on a Pearl compatible tom arm or just be used as a desktop device standing on 4 rubber feet.
Dynamics and signal processing speed are not great but, well, this pad is 15 years old...
The frame dimension is identical to a common Simmons bassdrum pad, the trigger zone surfaces are identical to the rubber of the Mini Hex pads. Nice feature: The two handles on top are at the same time triggers to step up and down the patches within e.g. a song. Concerning the workmanship I would truly try to avoid to drop it ;-)