SDS V Mesh
self-constructed prototype
These pads are based on the original Mark I pads. For two reasons they are qualified for this modification: The solid plywood plate can carry the shell/head construction taken from a cheap 10" tom, and all modifications can be reversed (this is addressed to all who hate me for what I have done with these vintage babies...).
The target of this conversion was the wish to build a set of pads satisfying the eye as well as providing technical and dynamic properties of today. The costs of converting one pad was only about 40 Euro, 20 Euro only for the double layer Roland mesh heads, the rest for parts like piezzos, plugs, toms for canibilization etc....
The result is a set of pads with dynamic qualities only provided by high price products like Roland Mesh pads e.g.. The heads are of course tunable.
Personally I use this set in a studio production environment triggering a Toontrack Superior plugin, but of course these pads work with everything which processes trigger pulses.

Soon I will provide a documentation of how to build a custom mesh pad like this. Not only to pimp an SDSV pad. Maybe you can surprise your wife by converting the hood of your car or the door of your wardrobe into a mesh multi pad? Limited only by your imagination....