synthesis: analog
chassis: 19" 3HU frame for up to 7 modules

modular analog synthesizer. The frame can carry up to 7 sound cards. Available card types are bassdrum, snare, tom, hihat and cymbal. 7 xlr in- and outputs, hihat pedal and sequencer can be plugged.
Specials: 4 mechanical sound memories for each sound card.
I don't want to make any secret of the fact that in my opinion this is THE Simmons of all Simmons.
This is (in spite of the unrevaled SDX) my personal favourite. It produces frequences I did not even know they exist. About 5000 (+/- 2000) units of the brain have been built between 1981 and 1983. But this is only a rough estimation and may differ significantly


SDSV sample kit no 1
SDSV sample kit no 2
SDSV sample kit no 3
SDSV sample kit no 4
SDSV various samples of the cymbal module