SDS 800
synthesis: analog
chassis: desktop device

The SDS 800 was supposed to close the gap at the bottom price end of the consumer products. It comprises 4 drum channels: bass, snare, tom1 and tom2. For those missing a third tom, it features the so called run generator allready known form the SDS1 pad. Superficially the SDS 800 reminds me of the SDS 8 which has not been built any more at that time. But the SDS 800 did not offer a factory sound and -as already mentioned- foregoes a third tom channel. On the other hand, it features the second skin parameter, a resonance coat simulation already used in the mid class SDS 9 kit. Additional features are the 4 single outs as well as the typical plug for an external sequencer.
All in all an inexpensive way to get Simmons analog sounds. But onthe strength of the fact, that this was composed of pretty cheap electronic components, you should not expect the sound of an SDSV or SDS7.
As all desktop devices, the SDS 800 cannot be extended with additional modules.
The SDS 800 has been shipped with 4 Mark IV pads (structurally identical with SDS 9 and SDS 1000 pads) comprising 1 bassdrum pad and 3 small mono pads.