Ludwigsburger Trommeltage 2008 (2008-10-12)

The second oldtimer show within a short time where Sibi "Simmons" Siebert presented the 11-piece SDSV. Not only the Simmons is the show but also the audience: Those who are more than 35 years old have either owned and played their own Simmons or they have dreamed (wet?) of playing their own (just like me). The younger ones where astonished about sound and design (by the way: sound and light was really great!), especially the cymbal. Some of them even asked me about prices and dealers not knowing this was 25 year old gear. So I am really looking for the next Simmons event.
Thumbs up for the great organization of Marcel Vogelmann of Herr Vogelmann's Wunderbarer Trommelladen, THE store for vintage drum gear. If you are looking for Ludwig, Gretsch or Slngerland: Here you will finally find heaven on earth!
Michael (Buchner) and me have been using the driving time to virtually develop the Simmons kit like it would appear if Simmons would still exist today. And we will likely build it! Promised!