Suitcase Kit
A portable SDSV
The suitcase kit is considered to be the great grandfather of today's Roland Octapad. It was used live by bands like New Order or Saga. An inconspicuous suitcase with a remarkable inner life. Inside the suitcase 7 small pads are sticking in a foam rubber filling. These pads consist of the same material the SDSV pads are made of: black acrylic surface on a wooden body.
Outside the suitcase there are 7 XLR jacks for connecting the pads to a (SDSV) brain.
The band Saga used to open their performance by smashing the closed but connected suitcase on the ground of the stage. The multi trigger impulse caused a tonal earthquake as you can imagine.

Unfortunately the rubber foam in the case dissappeared during the years so I decided to replace it and take a closer look to it's inner live. I determined that beside the outer plastic suitcase all parts can be purchased in either a music store or a DIY superstore. The outer suitcase is said to come from a store for angler requirements. So if you would like to build one: It's both cheap and easy. Construction plan and stencil may be downloaded right here on this site. According to specialist publications only 15 units had been build