(  2016-07-01 13:50:43
SDX HELP >> Does anyone have wiring specs/diagram for the main power board or
any tech docs ? Need to bring my SDX back to life.

(  2016-06-30 01:02:42 home
HI,Anyone got a copy of a Simmons ads 9 brain/module schematics? Cheers.

August Hansen
(  2016-06-06 04:25:28
Is it possible to get Dave Simmons to sign on of my drum pads. it would be a
treasure I would keep with pride all of my life.

Thanks, August Hansen

August Hansen
(  2016-04-09 15:30:40
I have been in love with these drums since I first saw them! Now I am looking
for a complete kit SDS(any) please help fulfill a dream and email me if you know
of a complete kit for sale. Thanks, August

Rob Moya
(  2016-01-26 06:33:49
Hello, My SDSV brain when hitting the rocker power switch I am tripping my
circut breaker in the house, any ideas?
Thank you so much

John Turpin
(  2016-01-16 04:04:32
I just bought some old pads and have no info on them. Actually a 5 piece but
the sensitivity is crap on them and I'm using a newer brain. Do you have to use
an old 80's style brain for the old hex pads or will anyone do?

(  2015-12-30 21:26:17
Hi everybody..!!
I need help,please.
I need the sds9 schematic's diagram.
Can you help me...??

(  2015-12-14 12:09:48
Hi there.!!
Any kind heart out there.??
I need the schematics diagram of SDS9 brain.
God bless you.

Christopher Cathode
(  2015-11-28 01:48:51 home
WHY? Why did it all have to go extinct?
Where is Dave Simmons, bless his heart??

Paul Caswell
(  2015-11-18 22:26:30
The synth drum sounds on used by rusty Egan on visage and Warren can on the
Vienna were they the Sds 3